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Our continued success at AMR is the result of the dedicated efforts of thousands of professional team members. Our ability to provide the superior patient care, great customer services and to keep our company growing depends on the continued professional development of our excellence workforce.

To achieve our goals AMR provides continous traning and education. AMR also offers programs that focus on career development and advancement.

All new employees receive a thorough orientation that includes the fundamentals of our business: how to deliver superior patient and customer care, what is expected of our team members, and how we work together safely and professionally. This is followed up with continuing education opportunities depending on the employee's role and responsibilities.

AMR's investment to develop future company leaders is evident through our national training efforts:

  • The SOAR Career Development program is designed to help employees develop their strengths, explore career growth opportunities, pursue their own unique personal and professional Aspirations, and build Relationships with others across the organization. Employees receive tools, resources, and support to customize their own career paths and create their own development plans.
  • The SOAR Leadership Development program offers a series of courses designed to support current and aspiring leaders as they strengthen their leadership, management and business acumen skills.
  • LEAD University, a required curriculum for all supervisors, offers job skill and competency development in core leadership areas such as team building, valuing diversity, and establishing trust.
  • Envision Healthcare collaborates with 10 different colleges, universities and educational providers to offer tuition discounts to employees ranging from nine to 33 percent.