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As the leading provider of emergency and non-emergency ambulance services in the United States, with local operations in 38 states, AMR has created its own training institutes.

AMR offers nationally accredited EMS education through its National College of Technical Instruction (NCTI), IHM Academy of EMS and the Las Vegas Academy for Prehospital Emergency Care (LVAPEC).

NCTI is the largest nationally accredited private EMS institute in the country.  NCTI provides paramedic and EMT-Basic training along with an associate of Applied Science degree, and an associate of Science degree at 20 campuses and satellite training sites across the nation. NCTI also offers continuing education for EMS professionals, including doctors, nurses and EMTs.

IHM offers a nationally accredited paramedic training program along with a critical care program, a registered nurse to paramedic bridge program and an associate degree in Occupational Science. IHM serves the St. Louis and Kansas City metropolitan areas and southwestern Illinois. It is the only institution in the Kansas City metro area that is dedicated solely to paramedic training and career advancement.

The name Las Vegas Academy for Prehospital Emergency Care (LVAPEC) was formed by combining the Clark County Unified Paramedic Program, NCTI-Las Vegas and Medicwest Ambulance Courses in 2011-2012. Course curriculum, schedules and operations are maintained by an executive board consisting of one member from the private ambulance services, one member from the fire department services, and one member from the University School of Medicine. We receive advisory support from an eighteen member Advisory Panel.