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Expanding Our Care

There are companies known by names other than AMR are part of our team of caregivers. AMR and our sister companies provide a comprehensive array of services, expand our footprint to give greater support in making a difference by caring for people in need.

  • Abbott Ambulance
  • Amarillo Medical Services
  • Community EMS
  • Doctor's Ambulance
  • Fountain Ambulance Service
  • Gold Coast Ambulance Service
  • Kurtz Ambulance
  • LifeCom
  • Lifeguard Ambulance
  • Life Line Ambulance
  • McCormick Ambulance
  • Medevac MidAmerica, Inc.
  • Medi-Car Ambulance Service, Inc.
  • Medi-Car Systems, Inc.
  • Medics Ambulance Service, Inc.
  • Medicwest
  • Medstar
  • Metro Ambulance Services, Inc.
  • Metro Ambulance Service (Rural), Inc.
  • Med Trans Ambulance
  • Meducare EMS
  • Mission Care of Illinois
  • Mobile Life Support
  • Palmetto Health
  • Physicians Transport Services 
  • RedCom
  • River Medical
  • Professional Ambulance
  • Sonoma Life Support
  • Stillwater EMS
  • Temple EMS
  • Vital EMS