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AMR Patient Story – Kim Daly



As the owner of a service-oriented business, Kim Daly understands the importance of providing her customers with the utmost in personal attention and assistance. It’s the same type of service she expects from others. The AMR Santa Clara team did not let her down.  

On the evening of May 12, 2018, Kim was experiencing persistent indigestion, a wet cough, and shortness of breath. Several hours after returning home to Los Gatos from work in San Francisco, she was still battling symptoms and decided to dial 911. She would later learn that our Santa Clara EMTs who came to her aid had to resuscitate her in the ambulance during her transport to a nearby hospital.   

Once at the hospital, Kim had to be resuscitated again and put into a drug induced coma. She was whisked into surgery the next day with kidneys failing, a diagnosed prolapsed mitral valve in her heart (a condition that in rare cases can lead to sudden death) and possible brain damage. She had to be resuscitated for a third time on the operating table before making it through surgery, and became known as a “miracle” by hospital personnel.

When Kim got back on her feet, she was determined to thank the first responders who cared for her and let them know she was okay. Her search would persist for eight long months, but she ultimately took to Twitter and got the information she was hoping for. On February 26, 2019, Kim finally came face to face with the Santa Clara EMTs and several AMR senior leaders to show her appreciation—which she did by presenting the crew with cupcakes. 


“I could tell they were very humbled by my visit and my determination to find them,” Kim said. “It was such an honor and privilege to meet the crew. My heart is still dancing, and I am forever grateful.”