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Brian Waykoff, Craig Buczkowski, Kelsey Aumen



When paramedic Brian Waykoff, EMT Craig Buczkowski, and EMT FTR Kelsey Aumen recently responded to a call for a SWAT Team standoff with a gunman holding a hostage, their combined 50 plus years of experience gave them the confidence they needed to manage a dangerous situation. 

Brian, Craig, and Kelsey were assigned to a staging area about a block away from the incident. As the standoff unfolded, the gunman, while restraining the hostage, opened fire on the SWAT team. At the same time, the hostage was able to drop to the ground, giving the SWAT team a clear shot at the gunman. The SWAT team immediately took the gunman down. After the take down, police officers secured the scene, securing the gunman’s weapon and undertaking an assessment of injuries. Once those tasks were completed, the officer called for the ambulance. Brian, Craig, and Kelsey arrived within 30 seconds of the officer calling for them.

“Our teams executed perfectly: they staged exactly as directed; they didn’t move until called so that when they were called they were in perfect position to respond and they provided outstanding care to the critically wounded patient,” said Tom Maxian, AMR Regional Director.

   Waykoff,-Brian-20345490.jpg  Buczkowski,-Craig-34447.jpgKelsey-Aumen-20508960-EMT-443183.jpg
          Brian Waykoff           Craig Buczowski               Kelsey Auman