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Buffalo Team Receives Excellence in Patient Care Award from Catholic Health



Catholic Health presented awards to Brianne Meyer, Steve Werner, Kaitlyn Meyer and John Wilger for their outstanding work on two calls.

Brianne Meyer and Steve Werner were dispatched to a pregnant female. The patient said she felt “the baby coming,” but a visual check showed no crowning. As transport began, the patient again said she felt “the baby coming” and this time it was. Brianne and Steve delivered the baby and promptly determined the baby was not breathing and had no pulse. Our crew immediately initiated CPR, pulse and breathing were restored and baby and mom were transported to the hospital. The tiny patient was discharged four days later. Irrefutably, this patient is alive today because of Steve and Brianne’s clinical excellence. 
Kaitlyn Meyer and John Wilger dispatched for a man complaining of chest pain. John and Kaitlyn arrived, quickly obtained serial EKGs, and correctly diagnosed and activated STEMI protocol. They rendered care with precision and promptly transported the patient. Upon arrival at the hospital, the patient suffered cardiac arrest.  Our crew assisted with a successful resuscitation in the ED enabling the patient to be taken to the cath lab where several stents were placed. The patient was ambulatory the following day and discharged three days later with no neurological deficits. John and Kaitlyn’s work on this call was instrumental in the positive outcome.


Congratulations to Bri, Steve, Kaitlyn and John for their clinical excellence and for representing AMR and our industry in exemplary fashion.