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Haley Sledge



“When the mundane days start to take their toll on you, please remember…what we do matters!”
-- Haley Sledge, AMR Paramedic, Mississippi
"There have been many days over the years that I have come home from my job wondering - wondering what happened to someone that was placed in my care, wondering whether I made the right choice. I've replayed moments in my head over and over…if I'd waited, would it have changed anything? Would the outcome have been different? Over the years, I can count a handful of times that I know I have made a difference in someone's life. Today was one of those days.
At a completely random moment in a sea of who knows how many thousands of people, this woman saw me...in the same way that she had seen me before…in an ambulance. The last time she saw me, my partner Josh and I had helped her welcome the child in this picture into this world...at only 24 weeks of gestational age. Today, it's a blessing to come home and know that on that day, we made the right choice! I look forward to seeing them again soon.
For those folks with whom I blessed to work day in and day out...when the mundane days start to take their toll on you, please remember, what we do matters! Sometimes we just need reminding! I got mine today!"