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Roger Morgan



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Roger Morgan, a paramedic of nearly two decades, knows the value of compassionate patient care. He quotes a fellow paramedic, Kelly Grayson when he says, “a patient may never remember the IV you hit on the first attempt or any skill you perform; they will remember you holding their hand and reassuring them.” Roger had the unique opportunity to offer this compassion – as a medic and a friend – to a former partner during a shift.

While on duty, Roger heard a transport request on the radio. He knew his former partner Dave was going back on hospice after spending some time in the hospital. Roger immediately recognized Dave’s hospital room number as the pick-up location. Roger called Tom Randolph, the on-duty supervisor whom he has known since his first shift in 1998, to request permission to ride the call. Tom allowed Roger to ride in the rig, but not in the front as an acting paramedic, in the back as a friend.

“Dave has no family left, only old EMS coworkers,” says Roger. “He smiled when I jumped in.”

Tom’s act of letting Roger ride with Dave – to hold his hand for reassurance – “meant a retired EMT didn’t have to go home alone.”

The thing you notice about EMS providers is their dedication to one another even after their days of working side-by-side are gone. They are always family. Roger, Dave, Tom – despite the fact that one is retired and the other two hold different ranks – they are forever bonded by their life as paramedics, by their life at AMR.

Tom Randolph and Roger Morgan
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