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Yuri Maldonado, Rob Shugarts



EMTs Yuri Maldonado and Rob Shugarts recently responded to a call for a diabetic with an unknown problem. Upon arrival they found a severely hypoglycemic patient sitting in a car. The patient was unable to maintain his own airway, a condition which the crew immediately recognized, and consequently determined that administration of oral glucose was not possible. The crew called for Advanced Life Support (ALS) back up and told dispatch, “We have a diabetic who is hypoglycemic, and we cannot administer glucose because of airway concerns.”

The crew managed the airway until the paramedic back-up arrived. The crews’ assessment, treatment and radio report were all flawlessly executed which helped to expedite the patient’s care. The patient enjoyed a full recovery by the time he arrived at the hospital.

Although only on the job for a little over a year, Yuri and Rob executed with precision, delivering lifesaving care.
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        Yuri Maldonado                           Rob Shugarts