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06.21.2018 3 Questions with Sean Burton

AMR’s Integrated Healthcare solutions provides payers, health systems, ACOs and employers the ability to provide the right care, at the right time while improving outcomes and reducing costs.

06.20.2018 AMR Honors Military Veterans Through Partnership with NASCAR

AMR joins the NASCAR Salutes campaign to honor active military, veterans and their families.

06.20.2018 Heroin Bags Passed Contributing to Overdoses

AMR has been responding to more and more emergency calls because of heroin overdoses in Waterbury, Conn.

06.20.2018 iPhone Location Will Soon be Shared with a 911 Call

Phones could soon be credited with saving a life. An upcoming iOS update includes a feature which shares exact location with emergency responders. 

06.18.2018 Fire Chief Debunks Common Myths for Lightning Safety

Rural Metro Fire Department Chief Walka debunks some storm safety myths gives us some useful tips this summer.

06.15.2018 EMS Agency Debuts Camo Ambulance in Honor of Troops

EMSA unveiled their new camouflage ambulance in honor of Flag Day.

06.14.2018 AMR Donates Ambulance

The ambulance will be used to train EMS students how to move and handle a patient in an ambulance environment.

06.14.2018 In Southern NH, Opioid Crisis Shows No Signs of Stopping

AMR paramedics here have recently added ketamine, an anesthetic, to help addicts for pain management in emergency situations.

06.13.2018 EMSA Responds to 11 Heat-Related Calls

EMSA urges citizens to make a plan to stay safe. First responders advise that you make plans to consume enough fluids to be sufficient in accordance to the amount of time you are planning to be...

06.12.2018 Firefighters at Risk as Temperatures Rise

Rural Metro Fire has new protocols to prevent firefighters from getting dehydration.
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