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02.14.2019 Announcement from the CMS and the Department of Health and Human Services Solidifies AMR Approach

Providing the right level of care in the most appropriate setting

02.14.2019 Fighting Opioids from the Frontline

AMR Regional Director Chris Stawasz was recognized for his leadership in coordinating the emergency medical services response to the opioid crisis in the state – and underscored the...

02.14.2019 Interim Ambulance Service Provider Found

American Medical Response will begin providing ambulance service for Imperial County.

02.14.2019 OKC Crash Survivor Reunites With Rescuers After Traumatic Brain Injury

One woman is thankful to be alive after experiencing a serious car crash. A month and a half later, Debby Colston showed her gratitude to the witnesses and paramedics who came to her rescue.

02.13.2019 Airman Saves Baby Inside a Cicis Pizza Restaurant

Someone who knows how to perform the Heimlich can double a choking victim's chances of survival. Many local AMR operations offer training in basic lifesaving techniques.

02.12.2019 Ambulance Crews Prepare for Another Icy Day with Numerous Calls

It has been a roller-coaster ride with the weather during the last few weeks but AMR crews are prepared.

02.11.2019 Catching a Killer

America’s most lethal killer strikes swiftly and silently. Heart disease is more voracious than ever in U.S. society, responsible for one in every three deaths — up from one in ever...

02.11.2019 Memorable Moments in Medicine

AMR's Jonatán Garcia Advanced EMT and Field Training Officer recounts his most memorable moment.

02.11.2019 Rural Metro’s ‘Sarge’ Stresses Teamwork

James Eric Jernigan is Sarge. He’s a master firefighter and paramedic at Station 26 on Strawberry Plains Pike. 

02.08.2019 Ambulance Board Okays Short-Term AMR Contract

The board which oversees West Side Community Ambulance last Tuesday approved a short-term contract under which AMR will continue providing management services while the local provider is in...
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