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04.20.2018 Less Urgent 911 Medical Calls in DC Are Now Redirected to Nurses

The nursing team from AMR is supposed to staff the triage line, according to a statement from the company. When people call with a non-emergency medical situation, a nurse can give them a list of...

04.20.2018 Parkland New Benchmark for EMS Active Shooter Response

Future active shooter responder's use of victim-generated video will be compared against the Parkland response.

04.19.2018 AMR Partners to Bring Innovative Integrated Healthcare Solution to DC

District “Right Care, Right Now” program provides added value to residents.

04.19.2018 Nurses will be in D.C.’s 911 Center in Latest Attempt to Cut Emergency Call Volume

Registered nurses will process live calls in a program aimed at reducing the crush of non-emergency medical requests. that swamp the 911 system in the District.

04.18.2018 County Incident Management Team’s Success Bodes Well for Centralized Dispatch

Fire agency representatives are meeting with AMR to see if there is a way to provide better service through some kind of private-public partnership.

04.18.2018 Knox County Firefighters Respond to Three Fires Reported Within an Hour

Firefighters in Knox County responded to three calls within the span of an hour on Monday evening.

04.17.2018 AMR Considered for Continued Ambulance Services

The city of Wichita Falls is set to continue a decades-long relationship with AMR for emergency services.

04.16.2018 Junior Cadet Program Learns What it’s Like to be a Paramedic

Members of the Junior Cadet program at Walter Colton Middle School got a chance to hear what it’s like to be in the shoes of American Medical Response paramedic Cindy Williams and EMT Corey...

04.16.2018 Video: American Ambulance Association Addresses Uber Transports

The video compares ambulance transports and Uber rides and informs the public on when to choose one or the other.

04.13.2018 Paramedics Stress Putting Pressure to Stop Bleeding

A bleeding person can die from blood loss within five minutes, American Medical Response paramedics Matt Ellis and Danny Westerman said, which is why it’s vital to staunch the flow until...
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