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06.15.2017 Permanent Memorial Dedicated to Paramedics Killed in DUI Crash

A permanent memorial now hangs in honor of two paramedics killed in a crash with an accused drunk driver

06.13.2017 How to Stay Safe When Lightning Strikes

As we wait for Monsoon storms to roll through Tucson, the Rural Metro Fire Department has advice on how to stay safe when lightning strikes

06.07.2017 Local AMR Emergency Medical Technician Honored With Star of Life

A veteran of the War in Iraq and AMR Paramedic Supervisor Mike Turcio has been selected as a 2017 Star of Life

06.02.2017 10 Year Old Calls 911 and Saves Grandmother's Life

Lee Burgess, EMT for AMR, commended Skyler for letting crews know what was wrong and what to expect before they arrived

06.02.2017 If You Can't Stand Heat Then Find a Cool Kitchen

Mike Addario, Vice President of Operations for AMR Westchester-Metro New York, says your best defense against heat-related illness is prevention

05.30.2017 TODAY Gets Life-Saving Training for World CPR Challenge

In effort to train people in hands-only CPR, TODAY takes part in World CPR Challenge

05.26.2017 Students Learn to Perform CPR during Emergency Medical Services Week

American Medical Response personnel instructed 60 fifth graders in the life saving practice of CPR

05.25.2017 Las Vegas First Responders Prepared for the Worst

Las Vegas first responders said they are prepared for a mass casualty situation

05.25.2017 Las Vegas Team Handed to Nationals in Paramedic Competition

The competition tested medics' driving abilities and critical-thinking skills as they simulated treating and transporting patients

05.25.2017 Stroke Survivor Meets EMT's Who Saved His Life in West Hartford

"I'm so grateful for what you did and I wanted to come back and thank you specifically,” Newbold said to the two during their introduction
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