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October 24 Update



Revised PPE Guidelines

We begin this update with some good news:

  • One of the Dallas nurses undergoing treatment has been found clear of Ebola and the second nurse remains hospitalized
  • The initial Dallas patient's family and contacts cleared 21 days of isolation with no infections


The challenging news is:

  • A physician has been diagnosed in New York City
  • A case has been identified in Mali
  • Healthcare workers that treated the initial Dallas patient have 8 more days of monitoring

The past 10 days AMR was propelled to the forefront of the Ebola battle. Since our last update:

  • AMR was called into action to transport two Dallas-based nurses as well as a PUI patient in New Haven
  • The AMR team that transported the Dallas patients are being monitored through the Williams Medical Command Center

This week AMR medical and operations leaders were focused on three important tasks:

  • Aligning our PPE requirements with new guidelines published by the CDC. AMR’s revised guidelines exceed the CDC’s recommendations and offer an additional margin of safety for both PUI and Known Ebola patients.
    Click here for “AMR Guidance on Patient Category and Response” 
  • Ensuring our teams will have access to the necessary equipment
  • Establishing training for regional teams that can be called upon to transport Known patients

Important Reminders:

  • EVHC Clinician Hotline - 855-448-1742

We continue to monitor the situation across the country. If you need additional information, please contact Scott Bourn at Scott.Bourn@amr.net or Ed Racht at Ed.Racht@evhc.net.

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