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3 Questions with Chris Stawasz, AMR Regional Director



Recently, AMR made the decision to use Ketamine, a non-opioid medication in their ambulances in New Hampshire. AMR Regional Director Chris Stawasz discusses the rationale behind the decision.

  1. Why did AMR New Hampshire make the decision to use Ketamine, a non-opioid medication? 
    We are always looking for innovative ways to better practice the medicine we deliver to our patients. NH is one of the hardest hit states in the country by the opioid epidemic and this was a natural fit as another way to help.

  2. In what circumstances is Ketamine used? 
    Ketamine is another safe option for pain management. It is also very useful in providing another safe sedation option for patients suffering from excited delirium.

  3. Is there specific training paramedics receive to administer Ketamine? 
    AMR’s medics have undergone extensive preparation for the addition of Ketamine to their available medication regime. The training has been both hands-on and electronic to reach as many medics as possible.

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