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AMR Strongly Condemns Inappropriate Use of First Responders and EMS Resources for Hoax



AMR crew members were on site to provide emergency medical services.
They were not part of the hoax, which could have easily turned dangerous during the chaotic scene.


(OLYMPIA, Wash.) Yesterday afternoon an AMR first responder crew was onsite at an event in Olympia, Washington, to provide standby emergency medical services. The day before the event, AMR was engaged by a security guard company to provide standby emergency medical services for an active movie set. However, when our crew arrived, they were told by the security guard contact that the event was a rally, and that one of the participants at the rally had a medical condition that might require him to be transported. Our crew stayed with the ambulance and was unaware of what was happening at the rally. At one point, four men opened the back door to the ambulance and jumped in. The onsite security guard contact advised our crew that there was an emergency and we needed to leave immediately.
With the security guard insisting that there was an emergency and with rally participants surrounding their vehicle and threatening and screaming at them, the AMR crew needed to leave the venue immediately for their own safety. The Washington State Patrol assisted with the safe departure of our crew and ambulance.
Subsequently, we became aware of reports that an actor was conducting a hoax at the rally. Apparently, his hoax incited members of the crowd to the point he sought to flee the rally in our ambulance, claiming to have an emergency.
AMR leaders are working with local law enforcement to investigate these acts, including whether criminal laws were violated by fraudulently obtaining AMR’s services.

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