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Lifeguard EMS East Kentucky Adds New Life-Saving Devices to Fleet



The company has upgraded its fleet medical equipment with 24 new defibrillators with more capabilities 

When a life-threatening accident or injury happens, people want the best care possible. Providing that care just got a little easier for Lifeguard EMS of East Kentucky through the addition of 24 new LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillators, an upgrade from their previous AED devices.

“The LIFEPAK 1000 is definitely an upgraded resource for our caregivers,” said Bill Baker, director of operations for Lifeguard EMS of East Kentucky. “The technology on the LIFEPAK helps to minimize interruptions to CPR delivery because it allows our caregivers to continue providing high-quality chest compressions while the device prepares a charge.”

The LIFEPAK 1000 is designed to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest by analyzing the heart’s rhythm and delivering an electrical shock to help re-establish a healthy rhythm. LIFEPAK offers one-push defibrillation with onscreen and audio guidance. It also allows for a manual override for when ALS-trained teams want greater control over the device. The advanced technology on the AED allows for greater ECG capabilities and can help provide information critical to delivering the most appropriate care to the patient. Another important function of the device is the storage of vital data that can be used in post-event reviews.

“These are truly life-saving pieces of equipment,” said Baker. “According to the Red Cross, more than 350,000 people will suffer a cardiac arrest this year. The only way to restore a healthy rhythm during cardiac arrest is to use an AED like the LIFEPAK.”
Baker said Lifeguard EMS of East Kentucky serves patients in Knott, Magoffin, Harlan, Leslie, Floyd, and Pike counties. The LIFEPAKS are maintained at each station and stored onboard each ambulance in the fleet.

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