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Alyssa Pigott, BLS Provider of the Year for Monroe-Livingston Region



AMR Rochester EMT Alyssa Pigot was nominated for the award by her teammate.

It’s one thing to be honored for a job well done, it’s another to be honored for a job well done by your peers. That’s what happened to AMR Rochester EMT Alyssa Pigot.

On May 16, at the regular meeting of the Monroe-Livingston Regional EMS Council, AMR EMT Alyssa Pigott was recognized by her peers and colleagues as Monroe-Livingston Regional BLS Provider of the Year for 2021.
Colleagues says in Quarter 1 of 2021, Pigot and her teammates responded to a series of cardiac arrest emergencies in a ten-day period. The skill and expertise demonstrated in those cases by Pigot and her crewmates resulted in most of those patients being alive today. 

Alyssa’s partner, Steve French, is the one who nominated her for this award. He says, “[Alyssa] is the role model of patient care, maturity and teamwork. [She] exhibits the professionalism and care we want our patients and the public to remember when they called for EMS.”


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