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AMR Paying EMT Students While They Learn



AMR offers residents a cost-free way to begin a career in EMS.

At a time when COVID-19 cases are rising again and the nation faces an EMT shortage, American Medical Response, Inc. (AMR) announced today it is hiring a new class of EMTs and will pay them for on-the-job training through an Earn to Learn program.

Elizabeth Steadman, Operations Manager for AMR Denver, said the Earn to Learn program is also a benefit to the local operation.

“We pay the up-and-coming EMTs while they attend classes, and we provide them with the first introduction to an EMS operation,” she said. “They receive their EMT pay rate to attend their 24 hours of classroom time each week, and the remaining 16 hours will be spent at our local operation to meet the 40-hour work week.”

The students will begin patient contact time, learn emergency vehicle operation and operational readiness while working at AMR during their six months of training and schooling.

“Along with the full-time pay between operations and class time, we cover their tuition 100 percent, which may either be worked out with the education institution directly or we could reimburse the employee once they receive their certificate if they covered school expenses themselves,” Steadman said.

Once students graduate and pass their EMT license exam, they are guaranteed a full-time position at AMR.

“They begin receiving all the benefits of being a full-time employee before they are even certified as an EMT,” Steadman added. “Public safety agencies across the country are struggling to find qualified, trained professionals to serve their local communities. We believe this is an innovative solution.”

AMR is partnering with Community College of Aurora, Front Range Community College and Arapahoe Community College to offer multiple classes and locations. Anyone who is compassionate, cares about helping their community and wants to work for a terrific company with great benefits is encouraged to apply for the Earn to Learn program. Interested candidates should apply today on the AMR website. Classes begin January 18. Candidates must have a valid and current driver’s license and pass a drug screening. To apply, head to the AMR website and sign up



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