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Fallen EMS Recognized During Opening Ceremony For National EMS Moving Honors Procession



From Dallas, the ambulance carrying the Tree of Life will make multiple stops before reaching its final destination in Arlington, Virginia, on July 21.

Global Medical Response (GMR), the world’s leading provider of medical transportation systems, hosted the opening ceremony for the National EMS Memorial Service (NEMSMS) and Weekend of Honor Moving Honors procession today at its offices located in Lewisville, Texas.  

“Today we had the opportunity to come together once again to host the opening ceremony for a procession that is so deeply personal to all of us at Global Medical Response,” said Randy Owen, CEO of Global Medical Response. “The Moving Honors Procession gives EMS and community members from around the nation the chance to pay their respects and remember the sacrifices of these 72 brave souls. We wish our teams well on a journey that will help pay tribute to so many.”  

The procession, comprising one ambulance and one GMR response vehicle, will travel across 12 states carrying a custom-built Tree of Life with the names of the 72 fallen EMS and air medical professionals from agencies and programs around the nation who died in the line of duty. The procession begins the countdown to the NEMSMS and Weekend of Honor. The Tree of Life is a representation of an oak tree, symbolizing strength. Each honoree’s name, agency and date of loss is engraved on a bronze oak leaf that is then added to the Tree of Life.

From Dallas, the ambulance carrying the Tree of Life will make multiple stops in cities across the country, including Jackson, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Pittsburgh and New York so that families, first responders and community members can view a replica of the tree and pay their respects to the fallen. The Moving Honors procession will be met in Arlington, Virginia, on July 21 by the National EMS Memorial Bike Ride’s Ride of Honor. There, families and loved ones of the honorees as well as first responders from around the country, will gather for a weekend of events to honor air and ground EMS providers.

“Each of these 72 honorees represents a life spent in service of others, “said Ted Van Horne, Chief Operating Officer for GMR. “It is our privilege to be able to honor those acts of selfless service and celebrate all of the contributions they made throughout their lives.” 

The National EMS Memorial Foundation is leading the effort to establish a permanent memorial in Washington, D.C. The Tree of Life was designed and built as a temporary National EMS Memorial by Jennifer and Tom Liebman, both Texas-based employees of Global Medical Response.

“This year we are paying tribute to 72 fallen EMS personnel during the National EMS Weekend of Honor,” said Jennifer Liebman.” While the Tree of Life serves as a mechanism to honor those that were lost, the weekend of honor allows us to embrace the loved ones left behind and salute those who continue to serve. Being a part of the organization that helps loved ones heal and connect with others that have experienced similar loss is an amazing opportunity to give back to my EMS family.”

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