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Critical Care Paramedic
Alex Anderson

American Medical Response
Las Vegas, Nevada

Alex heard about the catastrophic event in Las Vegas on October 1, 2017 and responded to station, knowing he would be needed. He was assigned a decompression unit with Dr. Barnum—they raced into action and began providing care. With his advanced skills as a CCT medic, he made a difference in many patients’ outcomes. As the night unfolded, neither man knew how long they would be needed to run busloads of patients to the hospitals but that didn’t matter, he would stay as long as necessary.

Because of his tenure and record of service, his coworkers, as well as hospital staff, want him to be their medic should they ever need one. He is extremely caring and goes the extra mile for his patients. He has also helped develop many CME opportunities for the local operations as well as being an integral part in updating advanced response techniques such as using the bus to treat and transport patients from mass causality incidents. Always humble, he does not consider himself a hero.