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Andrea Strongman

Paramedic, Relief Operations Supervisor, Field Training Officer
Andrea Strongman

American Medical Response
Santa Rosa, California

If you are lucky enough to be partnered with Andrea your chances of having a slow shift tend to be limited since she has a reputation of being dispatched whenever a big event or rough call occurs. This reputation was solidified on October 8, 2017, when a devastating fire hit the Sonoma Valley region.
Andrea and her partner were working the night shift when the fire began. High winds quickly spread the fire across the region, knocking down power lines and inundating the area with smoke and ash.
Andrea and her partner were dispatched to evacuate a paraplegic patient from his home that was in the direct path of the fire. They arrived to find the home engulfed in flames with no firefighting resources available. Despite making every effort to gain entry, the flames were so hot and destructive it became clear the fire would prevent any further rescue efforts. Distraught, Andrea and her partner had to compose themselves so they could continue to run calls being dispatched that night. Together they performed countless residential, hospital and skilled nursing facility evacuations, in addition to emergency medical transports to the ERs that were still open.
Andrea accomplished this all in the midst of consoling and reassuring several of her colleagues who had lost their homes. Andrea’s partners may not always benefit from her reputation, but without question her community and her patients do.