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Dr. Michael Barnum

Medical Director
Dr. Michael Barnum

American Medical Response
Las Vegas, Nevada

Dr. Barnum is well known in the Las Vegas EMS community. Besides being the assistant ER director for Valley Hospital, he is the Las Vegas AMR Medical Director. Whether teaching new paramedics at our training center or the AMR operation, lecturing medical students, assisting EMS students in the ER or assisting paramedics bringing patients into his ER, he is the “go to guy” for all things EMS. He maintains multiple certifications from Swift Water, Vertical Rescue, Firefighter, paramedic and is also an Eagle Scout and a pilot.

On the night of October 1, 2017, he rushed into work in his EMS capacity to help assist caring for patients and taking the load off the system. He loaded multiple patients on a bus with a fellow AMR CCT Medic and went to the hospital. His actions not only made a difference on scene but also to the receiving hospitals and trauma centers. As with other Stars, he does not consider himself a hero, he was just doing what needed to be done.