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Paramedic and Associate Supervisor
Jamie Georgi

American Medical Response
Houston, Texas

Jamie Georgi’s numerous selfless acts during Hurricane Harvey demonstrate why he is known for his commitment to his calling. As Hurricane Harvey worsened, AMR Houston committed to relocate dozens of patients from one hospital to another that was out of harm’s way. Jamie volunteered to serve as AMR’s liaison at the receiving hospital. Over several hours, AMR evacuated 88 patients to safety. Jamie was hailed for beautifully coordinating resources between AMR and the facility.  

As the storm raged, a hospital representative asked AMR to return a discharged patient to his home. Two crews tried but were unable to reach the hospital. Jamie decided to give it “one last shot” and enlisted a crew partner. In darkness, heavy rain and high winds, they made their way through less-flooded backroads to make the transport happen.

Jamie worked day and night, staying positive and frequently checking on crews’ wellbeing. Some had lost everything. When Jamie’s leadership told him to go home and rest, he went home but he didn’t rest. Instead, he assembled a cooking team which provided four days of fresh meals to the numerous AMR personnel in Houston from several states.
With typical modesty, Jamie says everything he does is part of a team effort.