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Paramedic and Field Training Officer
Jimmy Miller

American Medical Response
Jackson, Mississippi

Jimmy and his partner were returning a patient to his nursing home when another vehicle smashed into their ambulance twice, flipping the truck on its side. Jimmy suffered potentially life-threatening head, neck and chest injuries.

But despite his serious trauma, Jimmy continued to focus on his patient. He told rescuers to remove his patient from the ambulance first. At the hospital, from his own stretcher Jimmy could see his patient wheeled by. Jimmy called out to the patient’s nurse and gave her a detailed report just as he would ordinarily do with anyone in his care.
Because of the accident, Jimmy missed four months of field work but during that time he taught classes as one of his operation’s field training officers. 

His supervisors said, “Jimmy is excellent in all he does. He personifies everything a paramedic should be: skilled and deeply compassionate, a patient advocate and a mentor to his colleagues.”

Jimmy is also known for helping his co-workers with personal needs. As one co-worker said, “I think helping others is simply in his genes.”