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Luke Tschirhart

Rural Metro - Firefighter and Paramedic II
Luke Tschirhart

Rural Metro Fire Department
Tucson, Arizona

Luke Tschirhart truly embodies AMR's core values through his dedication to the mission. He has been a part of the Rural Metro Fire Department family for more than 10 years, where he is known as a mentor, leader and friend. He spends countless extra duty hours working alongside our medical director, pre-hospital coordinator and leadership team to direct committees, perform research, participate in policy development and revision, as well as instructing most of our continuing education hours.
Luke is a Field Training Officer for new paramedics, training them in all aspects of the job while they are on probation. He is also a member of the department’s Technical Rescue Team, where he helped to design and build the program from the ground up. This included SOG/SOP development, equipment selection and countless training hours. No matter the time of day or number of calls, Luke responds promptly with a smile on his face to provide the best possible customer service and patient care.