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Nicholas Thayer

EMSA - Paramedic and Preceptor
Nicholas Thayer

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Finding one’s place in the world can be a long, difficult process. And few have followed the same path— make that the same tracks—that Nicholas Thayer did early in his life. Nicholas spent three years during his early 20s living in boxcars and hopping freight trains. He traveled coast-to-coast by rail three times and then tried his hand at many different jobs: construction worker, musician, lifeguard and restaurant attendant before finding his calling in the emergency medical services field.
Nicholas worked as an EMT for a critical care transfer service in north Texas before joining the EMSA team in January 2012. He attended EMSA’s in-house paramedic program, graduating as valedictorian of his class in 2014. Though Nicholas’s academic achievement and unusual life journey are noteworthy, it’s his deep compassion and commitment to his team members and patients that make him a true star. “The most rewarding thing a human being can do is help another human being,” explains Nicholas. “I get to do that for living.”