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Rosemary O’Keefe-Kirschner

Operations Supervisor
Rosemary O’Keefe-Kirschner

American Medical Response
New Haven, Connecticut

When someone thinks about AMR New Haven, their immediate thoughts would instinctively turn to Rosemary O'Keefe-Kirschner. She is simply the heart and soul of New Haven. There is not one employee who has not been positively affected by Rosemary. She constantly looks for ways to assist her co-workers and her community members who may need a helping hand. Rosemary is the kind of person who no matter what she may be experiencing personally, is always looking out for those around her. She is truly a selfless individual who will stop at nothing to help someone in their time of need.

Rosemary is the paramedic that employees look up to for many reasons. She is the one you go to for advice and mentorship or to discuss a difficult call. She has been honing her skills and serving this community for 39 years, and it all came together recently when she had a code-save of a 39-year-old female. Thanks to Rosemary's knowledge and experience this young mother of three returned home to her children.