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Hospital Based Ambulance System Solutions

What if you could maintain the benefits of a hospitals-based ambulance service without any of the expense?

Hospitals provide ambulance and emergency medical services (EMS) programs for their community for a variety of reasons, including community support and patient throughput.

However, the vast majority of hospital-based ambulance and EMS programs operate at a financial loss, requiring significant operational and capital expenses with minimal direct return on investment.

Consider AMR Solutions, the hospital-based ambulance and EMS service line powered by American Medical Response, the nation’s largest provider of mobile healthcare services. AMR Solutions provides hospitals and healthcare systems opportunities to maximize the positive benefits of an in-house ambulance program while reducing or eliminating the related costs. AMR Solutions can even provide a net cash infusion to the hospital to support other core services.

Every hospital-based ambulance program has unique challenges, and AMR Solutions can adapt to fit every need.

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