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Active Shooter/Hostile Event (ASHE)


OEM-logo_2013_smaller-(2).pngAs everyone is aware, there has been an increase of Active Shooter/Hostile Events (ASHE) and acts of terror perpetrated domestically and internationally in recent months. These high-threat events pose a significant operational challenge to EMS and other public safety agencies. These incidents present a variety of hazards, confronting first responders with a wide range of weapons and small unit tactics, requiring a more complex response strategy that blurs the lines between traditional EMS, fire service and law enforcement duties and responsibilities. Disciplines must be integrated to prevent the exploitation of operational boundaries. EMS requires new paradigms and enhanced interagency coordination to mitigate the risk proposed by ASHE and terrorism.

AMR is taking action to better prepare our personnel and our system partners on what actions need to be taken, pre-event, during an event and post-event. Situational awareness is a major component of ASHE. We are also taking steps to educate our employees with recommended actions and resources should we be the target of a hostile event.

We are committed to keeping all caregivers safe. With this web page, we gathered many existing resources and references to help guide all communities in these endeavors. The links to public documents are located on the right side of this page and will be updated and added to as this project progresses.