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Annual Report Data Collection


AMR Marketing is developing a template for annual community reports for AMR local operations. Below is a list of content we can gather from each operation to develop the report. For communities that do not have some of these individual these items, we will provide optional “national” content ensure a complete community report.

Check out this sample report you can expect to receive.  Download Sample Report

If you have questions about the information being collected or how to fill out this form, please contact Laurin Weicht.

Please select your Location
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Please provide some information about your Location
Types of Vehicles used:

Uniform Color (EMT, Paramedics):

Select the services provided in your area
Services Provided:

Paste or Upload an introduction letter from a local AMR leader with content about how AMR serves the community. (Marketing can provide generic draft to use as a guide if needed)
Report Data - Please upload any reports that pertain to the following:
  Property taxes, payroll taxes, franchisee fees, etc.
  Total jobs, total labor income, total economic gain
  Employment, income, economics, etc.
  Private insurance, DRG contracts, VA, Medicare, Medicaid, private pay
  Numbers, statistics, and types of response (breathing, back injury, chest pain, etc.)
  In-kind hours, financials
What Specialty services does your location focus on?
Provide a human interest story from your community
Any local community service events(e.g., Safety Jam or CPR Challenge)
Any major event support (sports events, community activities, etc.)
Clinical Message from Medical Director and/or Dr. Racht
Appreciation message to Public Safety
Local employee profile with focus on being a strong employer in the area
AMR national overview
Forward looking Message from RCEOs, positioning AMR as the SME on innovation
Local photos or images in high resolution format
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