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Patient Survey


The paramedics from American Medical Response (AMR) recently cared for you or a member of your family. We are very interested in improving our service and we would appreciate it if you would take a moment to complete this survey.


Karl Pedroni, General Manager

About You
About Us
In which county did our ambulance provide service to you?

How long did you wait prior to calling us once you began experiencing your problem?
Did the paramedics arrive quickly?

Did the paramedics act in a concerned and caring manner?

Did the ambulance crew explain what they were doing and why?

After treatment by the paramedic, did the reason for calling -

How would you rate the overall care and service from your AMR paramedics?

Is there anything you would like us to tell the crew that took care of you? Is there anything you would care to share with us?
Follow Up
Would you like to speak with a member of our management team about your service?

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