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David Skujins, Navy Veteran



Operations Manager, Michigan 

As an Operations Manager, David Skujins spends a lot of time working with his colleagues and exemplifying leadership—a quality he sharpened during his nine years of active duty in the U.S. Navy. “Serving involved a lot of comradeship and required me to be comfortable with putting my life in someone else’s hands,” he explained.
David held many roles during his time in the Navy, but he primarily worked as a Navy diver with a focus on retrieval and salvage. He also had the opportunity to train bottlenose dolphins to assist with retrieval missions.
He fulfilled his commitment with the Navy and moved to civilian life because he wanted to settle down and start a family. David was then faced with the choice of what to do next. He decided to pursue working for AMR because he said it was “known for professionalism and for clinical knowledge among paramedics.” “AMR easily had the best reputation as a company compared to my other options,” Skujins added.
Following the attacks on September 11, 2001 while working for AMR, he joined the Navy Reserves and served as a Hospital Corpsman attached to a Marine Corps infantry unit. There he used his paramedic skills to care for combat Marines. He fulfilled this second commitment after three years.
David is proud of his service and how it prepared him for his role at AMR today. “Being in the military teaches you to be responsible for your actions,” he said, “and it prepares you to be put into complicated and tough situations and to be able to handle them professionally.”

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