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Richard Madison



Field Supervisor, AMR Orlando (A Global Medical Response Solution) 

Richard Madison credits his 20 years of service in the United States Army for giving him the drive and ability to tackle any mission or assignment and to never give up. “The military has instilled in me the loyalty, the can-do,” he said, “it doesn’t matter what the mission was, you always did it; you never turned your back.”

This motivation is what allowed Richard to make the seamless transition from being an Army medic to becoming a field supervisor for the AMR Orlando operation in 2005. “The job I do now, whatever comes across the radio, you’ve always got to get there, you’ve always got to be ready, no matter what,” he said, explaining that his military training has taught him to be able to respond quickly and accurately to crises. 

Richard is proud of his service, and proud to be a part of AMR, because he can continue his passion for helping others every day. He said what he misses most about his military service was his deployment— every day held a new adventure. However, being a field supervisor with AMR gives him the same experience of being constantly on the go and always ready for that emergency. 

“AMR has a great work environment because everyone truly cares and believes in my abilities,” Richard explained. He loved being able to show off his military skills when he put together an RV and drove it to Daytona for the NASCAR races earlier this year. “My ability to do something like that from scratch for AMR was pretty exciting,” he said. “They gave me the opportunity and I showed them that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything.” “The military teaches you to never give up, so no matter what happens to you, you need to strive until the end of the mission—you never stop until you get there.”

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