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AMR Call Taker, Syracuse Communications Center

As an Army veteran, Shawn Hunter has worn many hats. In his seven years in the military, he was trained as a radio telephone operator, petroleum oil and lubricants specialist, tactical water purification specialist and a truck driver.
One of Shawn’s favorite memories of his time in the Army was being able to travel in diverse types of aircraft, from helicopters to C-5s.
As Shawn returned to civilian life one of the things that attracted him to AMR was the opportunity to help others. As a call taker in a busy communications center, Shawn is responsible for answering all incoming calls from clients and patients, responding to the calls appropriately, while maintaining a professional, courteous demeanor.
“My time in the Army as a radio telephone operator prepared me for my current job at AMR,” Shawn said. “It was the perfect fit and has given me the opportunity to serve in a different capacity.”

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