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World CPR Challenge


AMR World CPR Challenge

Join us May 21-27 for the 5th Annual AMR World CPR Challenge. Train bystanders in compression-only CPR and report your numbers using the link at the right. Let’s beat our 2016 record and improve survival from SCA!

The Challenge:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) unexpectedly takes the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans each year. Annually, AMR crews care for more than 30,000 SCA patients. Studies show that survival from SCA can be doubled or tripled if CPR is administered until emergency medical services arrive. That fact inspired AMR to find innovative means for ensuring that local citizens know what to do when they encounter a victim of SCA.

What’s New in 2017?

This year we are expanding our reach! For the first time, we will host the World CPR Challenge for all of EMS Week, May 21-27. We are also honored to say that starting this year, we will be teaming up with two of the largest names in EMS: ACEP and IAFC. We are honored to be part of this group and look forward to the lives that will be impacted. We are also welcoming all Envision companies and employees to participate, further increasing our ability to improve the SCA survivor rate.

What did we accomplish?

Using our network of EMTs and paramedics in communities coast to coast, and in several countries, we put in place a compression-only CPR training day, designed to provide this life saving training to as many individuals as possible in one day. The first AMR CPR World Challenge was held May 22, 2013 and we trained 54,884 people in 24-hours in communities across the country. Since starting the challenge in 2013, AMR teams have trained nearly 235,000 people in compression-only CPR. The message is simple and three-fold: When someone is found unresponsive…..

  • Call 911
  • Push hard and fast in the center of the chest until help arrives.
  • Send someone to find an AED if possible.

Why train Compression-Only CPR?

Compression-only CPR is an effective and life-saving procedure. Compressions are by and far the most effective element of CPR. Simplifying bystander CPR to include only compressions allows bystanders a simple task to perform which can help to keep the patient alive until professional help arrives.

The Outcome:

We believe we will see the impact of increased bystander CPR for decades. In 2010, the AMR bystander CPR rate was 21.4%. In 2014 it increased to 40.8%. As we continue to train more people each year in CPR, we believe the number of survivors from sudden cardiac arrest will increase as well.