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Notice of a Data Incident

American Medical Response, Inc. (“AMR”) became aware of a security incident involving certain personal information related to ambulance transports by AMR or one of its subsidiaries.
We learned that an unauthorized third party obtained access to a small number of AMR employees’ email accounts, which contained certain personal information about a limited number of our employees, affiliates and patients. The access was limited to information that was contained in emails of the impacted employees and did not extend to patient or employee database(s). 

What Information Was Involved

The information stored in the affected email accounts varies by individual, but may include first and last name, addresses, dates of birth, social security number, medical or health insurance identifiers, diagnostic, and/or treatment information.  Our investigation has not found any evidence that this incident involves any unauthorized access to or use of any of AMR’s internal computer systems or network, or that any customer information or any other employee or partner information was affected. Please note, at this time, we are not aware of any fraud or misuse of anyone’s information as a result of this incident.

What We Are Doing

We take the privacy of personal information seriously and deeply regret that this incident occurred. We took steps to address this incident promptly after it was discovered, including initiating an internal investigation into this incident and working with an independent forensic investigation firm to assist us in the investigation of and response to this incident. Additionally, we have implemented additional technology measures in order to help prevent this type of incident from reoccurring in the future and provided additional awareness training.  Credit monitoring is being offered to individuals who may have had their social security number or insurance identifiers impacted.

What You Can Do

While we have no indication that any information has been used inappropriately, as a precaution, we are providing this notice to make potentially affected individuals aware of the incident and provide information on steps they can take to help protect themselves. Carefully check credit reports for accounts you did not open or for inquiries from creditors you did not initiate. If you see anything you do not understand, call the credit agency immediately. If you find any suspicious activity on credit reports, call your local police or sheriff's office, and file a police report for identity theft and get a copy of it. You may need to give copies of the police report to creditors to clear up your records. Individuals can also review explanation of benefits statements that you receive from health insurers or health plans. If you identify services listed on the explanation of benefits that were not received, please immediately contact your insurer or health plan.

For More Information

Beginning May 3, 2019, AMR started sending written notices to all potentially impacted individuals for whom we have contact information.  If you did not receive a notice but have been transported by AMR and/or believe you may have been impacted, you can request additional information by calling 855-424-0476 between the hours of 9am-9pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday.
To review the tips provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on fraud alerts, security/credit freezes and steps to take to avoid identity theft, please visit www.ftc.gov/idtheft, call 1.877.438.4338 or send a letter to the FTC at:
Federal Trade Commission
600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20580