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Integrated Healthcare


Where the Practice of Medicine and Technology Meet

AMR offers multiple Integrated Healthcare (IH) solutions that build upon our core competencies of medical transportation, technology innovation and physician-led population management solutions.

This patient-centered care delivery model ensures we deliver the right care for a specific patient at exactly the right time in the most appropriate setting in the most cost-effective manner.

Our Integrated Healthcare solutions are powered by our Medical Command Centers.

Medical Command Centers

The Medical Command Centers link mobile resources together, integrate and coordinate them to respond appropriately to patient needs. A network of physical care coordination and communication centers link 911, nurse advice services and primary care physician practices with our clinical care teams by phone, telemedicine or through consultation with other clinicians to improve the patient experience and health outcomes across the continuum.

The technology in our centers provide a clinical pathway for the nurse navigator. Nurse navigators answer calls that come into the centers, and triage protocols give our care teams the ability to immediately evaluate a patient’s current condition, then match and deploy appropriate resources to meet the patient’s needs. Our five-level proprietary triage system ensures we are delivering the right resource at the right time 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Population Health Management and Care

Our Integrated Healthcare services include:


Transition-to-home services and 24/7 program-specific niche intervention services for home hospice patients, their families and caregivers when changes in patient condition occur or when unexpected needs arise. Sentinel specialist providers conduct rapid event assessments and immediate communication with the patient’s normal hospice team member in order to enhance on-scene support and allow an informed decision by the hospice team as to whether an off hours or unplanned visit is needed.




Experience-focused transition-to-home services. These services can include transport to residence, prescription fulfillment and delivery, medication reconciliation, reconnecting the patient with family and social supports, communicating with the patient’s primary physician to re-establish routine surveillance and care, follow-up visits or call center telephone contacts to ensure successful reintegration in the home, identification of patient experience gaps, and more.


Longitudinal interprofessional medical care for patients in their homes. Continuum is a family of medical care programs that feature multiple providers working within an interprofessional team who design patient-specific care plans and then care for previously deteriorating patients immediately post-discharge from a hospital in order to prevent relapse and avoidable E.D. visits.


Specialized care navigation services for patients with unusually frequent 911 ambulance requests or abnormally recurrent presentation to emergency departments.

  • Prescription Review
  • Check Stats
  • Continuum
  • Pantry Review
  • Hospice