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Technology Innovation


Laser-Focus on Technical Excellence in Patient Care

AMR offers a suite of technology services to give our teams the tools they need to deliver patient care. 

And when the industry hasn’t had the right technology we need to provide healthcare to our patients, we built it. 

We provide industry-leading EMS technology from global positioning satellites (GPS) and management information platforms, to computer-aided dispatch and an electronic patient care reporting solution (ePCR). At times, technology has literally meant the difference between life and death, and that’s why we invest millions of dollars each year in state-of-the-art technology and clinical equipment.

Our MEDS software documents patient care demographic and insurance information, speeds and improves pre-hospital patient care reports, provides emergency department staff with critical patient information upon arrival at the hospital and tracks data to identify trends in quality assurance and patient care.

Additionally, our communication technology notifies client hospitals as soon as a patient has exited a hospital bed via AMR transport so that the hospital staff can more quickly make that bed ready for the next patient. This means better information for hospitals and healthcare facilities, who have a daunting task of managing beds and rooms for their patients.