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August 16 2016


Integration Update on New Uniforms

I have heard from a number of team members and operations about the excitement they feel when relaunching an operation under the AMR brand. I share that excitement. Every time I see an AMR logo on an ambulance or a building, I feel a tremendous amount of pride in what we have all accomplished together.

Rebranding is an involved process that takes a lot of time, thought and effort. It also has to be done right to ensure we continue to represent AMR appropriately to the communities we serve.

Our rebranding initiative is progressing according to schedule. We have started the process at operations in Colorado, Tennessee, New York, Ohio, Arizona and the Pacific Northwest. Next up is Kentucky, Florida and California. We expect the initiative to be completed by the end of 2016. Rural Metro Fire will continue under its historical brand and color scheme.

There is one aspect of our effort that has been delayed: uniforms. The issue holding up delivery involves the manufacturing process. Our uniform provider has been working overtime to fulfill our orders and get them to you as soon as possible. But as you can imagine, this is a huge order. Just the number of shirts we have ordered, tens of thousands, has unfortunately, taken the manufacturer longer to deliver than they originally anticipated.

The AMR team of Val Gaither, Leslie Tronson and Rachael Le have also been working overtime to get your orders fulfilled and I would like to send them a very big thank you for all their efforts. I also want to thank Nelson Jones for his work getting rebranded vehicles on the road as soon as possible. It has been a team effort all the way and we are starting to see results.

Let me close with a photo that was sent to me by Troy Houge. It is a great example of how our rebranding effort in Syracuse is effectively representing our company.

Thanks again for all you do and for helping to make our integration efforts a success.


Randall L. Strozyk
Senior Vice President of Operations, AMR