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Happy Thanksgiving


As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I have been reflecting on the things I am most grateful. Outside of my family, I am so grateful for this organization. I want to thank you for the amazing work you do every day. This year has had many successes and a few challenges, but without your commitment, compassion and caring, we would not be the thriving company we are.

I am thankful that you are ready to serve your community every day of the week and are willing to stand watch on a holiday to be there if they need you.

As we give thanks, this year, I would be remiss if I did not remind everyone of the Envision Healthcare Charitable Foundation. The foundation was founded in 2005 in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. At that time, employees across Envision Healthcare demonstrated an unwavering commitment to coworkers who were affected, donating generously to help those in severe need.


For the past decade, the foundation has provided financial assistance to hundreds of employees following catastrophic events including property losses, the death of an employee or family member, or for those unable to work due to serious illness.

The foundation depends almost entirely on the generosity of its employees for its funding. It could not support our employees if it wasn’t for your generosity.

As part of the AMR and Envision family, Rural/Metro employees are eligible to donate as well as apply for support through the foundation. There are several ways to donate to the Envision Healthcare Charitable Foundation.

  • Employees may make an ongoing commitment to helping their colleagues through a recurring payroll deduction or a one-time payroll deduction.
  • Currently, AMR employees may also donate PTO/vacation time, which will be converted to a cash donation at the employee’s regular hourly rate. At this time, Rural/Metro employees cannot donate PTO/vacation time. We are working through the R/M process for PTO/vacation donation and will notify Rural/Metro staff when it is available.
  • Direct contributions to the Foundation may also be made by check. Contributions may be tax-deductible, depending on your personal tax circumstances.

Instructions on how to give or apply for assistance are available on the R/M and AMR employee portals.

Rural/Metro employee portal

AMR employee portal

Again, I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and thank you for all you do to make AMR a great company.

Ted Van Horne
President & CEO, AMR