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November 12 2015


My Thoughts on our Integration Progress

The day we announced the close of the acquisition, I jumped on a plane to Western New York to meet with the Rural/Metro teams in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. For me, this was more than just a meet and greet – this was a chance for me to return to my roots and see how we are supporting my old community.

During this visit, I took AMR’s Chief Medical Officer Dr. Ed Racht to one of my favorite local restaurants where we enjoyed a Garbage Plate (it tastes much better than it sounds, trust me!) and discussed the integration and the opportunities ahead of us. We talked about my days with District 8 in Tucson, Arizona and the combined EMS and fire services. I am excited about the opportunity this brings to the new organization. As one company, I see us expanding the fire offering by looking for opportunities to partner Rural/Metro’s fire service with AMR’s airport fire rescue and oil platform work. It is just one example of how we are better together by taking the best of both organizations.

During the past two weeks, I have heard from so many of you who share my enthusiasm for the acquisition. Everyone is anxious to get to the finish line, but my goal is to have a smooth and well thought out integration, market-to-market. We want to do this right.

I understand that change is difficult, and there are many outstanding questions and even some speculation about key decisions and dates. It is going to take some time to determine how we are going to integrate our systems and processes. We expect to finalize an integration plan for the major technology and process conversions by the end of the year. As you might expect, our market-to-market planning efforts will take more time.

As I mentioned in previous emails, the leadership team and I are committed to open communication during this process. We will update you on important decisions and provide ample communications prior to changes.

Updates to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We updated the FAQ document to incorporate what we know today. The updates include answers to many of our questions including:

  • What will happen to the Scottsdale office?
  • What will happen to contracts and suppliers?
  • Can I pick up dual county shifts?

I’ve received many questions during my visits and through email. Many of your questions are addressed in our welcome video and the FAQ document, so I encourage all of you to watch the Welcome Video and read the updated FAQs. Links to the documents are listed below.

AMR Integration Planning Portal Page - Credentials Required

Rural/Metro Portal Page - Credentials Required

View Welcome Message from Ted Van Horne and Dr. Racht

Upcoming Communication Events

One of the advantages of our new and expanded organization is the opportunity to experience new learnings and career opportunities. We will be hosting two upcoming webinars, the first webinar will provide more information on our National FEMA EMS Deployments and how employees can participate and the second webinar will provide more information about our practice of medicine.

  1. Overview of AMR Federal EMS Deployment
  2. AMR Medicine Grand Rounds with AMR’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ed Racht

I hope you take advantage of these opportunities to learn more about AMR, so watch for dates and times in the LMS system.

Keep sending your questions to AMRPresident@AMR.net. As promised, we will continue to share information and answers as soon we can.

Ted Van Horne
President & CEO, AMR