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October 22, 2015


Answers to Your Questions – FAQ

As promised in prior communications, we are committed to keeping you informed about our integration planning with Rural Metro. As we have mentioned, there is still a lot of work to be done to fully integrate the two complex organizations and our integration efforts will continue well after we come together as one organization. We do not have all of the answers today but since many of you have sent in questions, we wanted to provide the answers we could in a FAQ document on the AMR Portal. You will need to use your company log-in information to access the documents.

Link to Integration Planning Page on Portal

As we said before, this is an exciting time for both organizations. By integrating AMR and Rural Metro, we will grow our business and the number of communities we serve and be active contributors in shaping the future of healthcare. Thank you for all you do every day and get ready to expand our EMS family!

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Ted Van Horne
President & CEO, AMR