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Innovative Benefits for Health Plans

We offer innovative medical transportation services for health maintenance organizations, health and workers' compensation insurance providers and other health plans. We can build custom solutions to monitor response time performance criteria, improve the member experience and decrease costs. We will find the right solution that works for your organization.


  • Comprehensive Management Service Organization (MSO) models that feature seamless transportation benefit coverage and claims management services
  • Full-risk network management
  • Centralized, one-stop shopping programs that condense all non-emergent medical transportation needs
  • Local fee-for-service that supplements existing provider networks

Protection from Cost Shifting

AMR spreads costs regionally or nationally. This eliminates price fluctuations and provides health plans with predictable fee structures with pre-negotiated cost of living escalators.

Real-Time Non-Emergent Authorization and Claims Management

Our proprietary transportation management software offers a real-time authorization capability that saves time and money and eliminates problems for patients who want to use non-emergent transportation benefits. We can help manage transportation billing claims and handle out-of-pocket maximums, deductibles, minimum co-payments and coinsurance. AMR works with health systems to:

  • Identify coverage areas and plans
  • Credential and contract with network providers (in addition to AMR's own resources)
  • Ensure claims are paid correctly and on time