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Redesigning Traditional Ambulance Services

We’ve redesigned traditional ambulance services and developed new non-traditional solutions to help healthcare organizations and hospital administrators meet the financial challenge of doing more with less. We offer new ways to keep costs under control by offering to share the risk of patient costs, throughput efficiencies, leased unit hours and correct levels of service.

  • Shared Risk – We’re willing to absorb some of the costs for transporting patients who do not have the ability to pay for services. For hospitals, that means the payment and collection becomes a non-issue.
  • Communication Technologies – With our communication technology, we’re able to notify appropriate hospital personnel as soon as a patient exits a hospital bed so that the staff can more quickly make that bed ready for the next waiting patient.
  • Leased Unit Hours Model – Facilities can lease a wheelchair unit on a per hour basis to save individual transport costs.
  • Correct Levels of Service – We ensure each vehicle – basic life support, advanced life support, specialty/critical care, bariatric, wheelchair – is manned by the appropriate personnel.