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Medical & Security Services


Customizable Services for Your Venues

If you are looking to secure your venue and provide on-location emergency medical services, finding a single solution can be the easiest alternative. Our medical and security services programs, called OnGuard, meet your single need. We offer the following:

  • Round-the-clock, cross-trained security officers who are also state-certified EMS providers
  • Trained medical personnel who can administer basic and advanced life support care until an ambulance arrives
  • We can be at a patient’s side within seconds, to assess and initiate medical assistance as needed

Benefits Include:

  • Decreased costs with dual trained security guards and EMS personnel
  • Deters unwanted activity with presence of security officers on premises
  • Increases First Responders' response time to medical situations
  • Possible reductions in insurance premiums

Service Settings Include:

  •  Multi-Care Adult Living Communities.
  •  Hospitals
  •  Free-Standing Emergency Departments
  •  Urgent Care Centers
  •  +55 Communities
  •  Construction Sites
  •  Concierge Services
  •  Businesses and Offices
  •  Gated and Non-Gated Communities
  •  Special Events
  •  Speedways
  •  Sporting Events (e.g., Football, Soccer)
  •  Single Events (e.g., Concerts)
  •  Long-Term Contracts Are Available