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AMR in the Spokane Community

AMR Spokane provides emergency and non-emergency medical transport service for the Spokane County, Washington, area. AMR Spokane employs approximately 170 paramedics and EMTs and handles on average 45,000 calls annually.

AMR Spokane is CAAS accredited as well as it's nationally accredited dispatch center, AMR Spokane regularly takes the lead in introducing new equipment and procedures into the first responder system. In addition, the operation provides a large array of training to its partners and the general community.

AMR Spokane also participates in a variety of health fairs and screenings throughout Spokane County and offers classes on child car seat safety, CPR/first aid, fall prevention and general safety to the public. If you are interested in training, please contact the operation for more information.

Contact Spokane AMR

915 West Sharp Street
Spokane, Washington 99201


Spokane News

Wednesday, April 14, 2021
Sonoma Life Support, operated by AMR, will begin stationing an Advanced Life Support ambulance at Gold Ridge Fire Protection District Station 2 24-hours a day starting this month.   Read More >

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