Federal Services

Federal Services And Disaster Response

AMR’s larger community is the country, itself. When our nation calls on us, we bring the healthcare expertise, equipment and speed needed to respond to crisis situations. AMR is the prime EMS/ambulance contractor with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide ground ambulance, air ambulance, paratransit services and non-ambulance EMS personnel to supplement the federal and military response to a disaster, act of terrorism or any other public health emergency.

In the event of a large-scale disaster, such as a devastating hurricane, we perform hazard recognition, symptom surveillance and reporting, on-scene medical stand-by, and transport of patients to free-up receiving hospital and bed space. We have additional assets that may be used for a variety of secondary functions that may include distributing immunizations, staffing shelters and emergency departments, and setting up mobile medical units. 

Our contract with FEMA covers 48 states. We work in conjunction with the state and local governments in those areas to coordinate care. We have an entire auxiliary fleet on standby for these large-scale events. And even though staff may be required at out-of-area disaster sites, we take steps to ensure our local operations are unaffected by the response. 

In addition to providing federal disaster response, AMR also provides local response in the event of natural disasters or mass casualty incidents. 

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